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Survivor Spotlight - Helen Psencik

Twelve years ago, during my yearly exam, my gynecologist discovered a thickening in my right breast. Based on all the cancer I had known about, that was like getting a death sentence.

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. It was hard to tell others. My initial reaction was to withdraw into myself. What was I going to do with the little time I had left? With my husband’s help, I began to get involved with other survivors through support groups and organizations like Susan G. Komen. This was the ray of hope I needed. 

Initially, all I did was passively absorb what others said and reluctantly participate in survivor events, like Komen’s Race for the Cure. Little by little, I began to see how I could help others. I saw others who were devastated with their new diagnosis and knew I could help others, both emotionally and physically. This was part of my healing process. And Susan G. Komen gives me that opportunity daily.

Now I volunteer as much as I can to inspire others and make them aware of everything available to them. I am a testimony that there is life after cancer. Through Susan G. Komen, I have the experience to motivate others to be their own advocate, to seek medical services, and to know there are people who care… and people who will help us all.

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Stock Show Goes Pink is January 23rd

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo will honor breast cancer survivors and their families at Stock Show Goes Pink on January 23, 2018. 

 You can purchase tickets in person at the ticket office of Will Rogers, just mention that you are attending for Stock Show Goes Pink so you can be in the Komen Greater Fort Worth section. Fifty percent of the day’s ticket proceeds go to local breast cancer screening, education, treatment and research. 

It’s going to be another fun event thanks to the support of the Fort Worth Stock Show.

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The 2018 Race is Right Around the Corner!

WHAT? You haven't signed up for the Race yet?! You should do that now! Until December 31st you will get $10 off. This will be the ONLY discount that we offer. No discounts will be available in 2018. 

Race sponsorships are now available. Your sponsorship is not only a solid investment in your community, but also in people close to you: your customers, colleagues and friends. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

Thank you to Kroger for once again stepping up as our 2018 Presenting Sponsor!    



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Mission Moment

Metastatic breast cancer (also called stage IV or advanced breast cancer) is not a specific type of breast cancer, but rather the most advanced stage of breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body (most often the bones, lungs, liver or brain).

Although metastatic breast cancer has spread to another part of the body, it’s considered and treated as breast cancer. Learn how Komen is making an impact on the quality of life for those with metastatic breast cancer.

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Christmas Cards are Available Now!

For your donation of $25 or more, you will receive 15 of these beautiful Komen cards to send to friends and family for the holidays. 

Inside the card the sentiment is "Wishing you health, hope and peace this holiday season."
Donate online through our website or contact Sharon in our office to get your cards: 817-730-9674

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Komen Scholar and Brinker Award Winner Visits Fort Worth 

Dr. Alan Ashworth PhD, FRS was a key part of the team that in 1995 discovered the BRCA2 gene, which is linked to an increased risk of some types of cancers and which is now used to identify people at high risk of the disease. 

Ashworth recommends BRCA testing if a patient has been diagnosed with the common form of ovarian cancer, advanced prostate cancer, pancreas cancer and for breast cancer if the diagnosis is the triple-negative type or if the patient is a younger woman. “That testing is important because it will help determine the most effective type of treatment, and help a patient’s family determine if other family members should receive testing,” he said.

Read more on Dr. Ashworth, and his recent visit to Fort Worth on behalf of Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth.

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