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I got my first three tattoos when I was 38 years old.  I was bald at the time and had just completed eight rounds of chemo, preceded by a surgery that removed a good portion of my left breast.  My tattoos weren't found online or in a book and they weren't tribal or symbolic. The radiologist strategically placed three little blue dots of ink just below the surface of my skin.  The first is below my ribcage.  The second is on my left side.  The third is on my right side.  The dots were used to precisely line up radiation beams to treat the cancer in my breast.  For 33 straight days, I drove to the hospital where I was met with a smile.  Even when my skin was burned, oozing and charred, I returned those smiles and received the treatments.

What do those little tattoos mean to me?  The first one means, "You will get up and live every day God gives you on this earth.  Spend your time living, not dying."  The second means, "Share your story with others, because you never know who may need to hear it."  The third means, "Listen to others tell their story, because you never know when YOU may need it".

Three little dots...they mean so much.

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