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Hi!! My name is Toni and I am a 3-year breast cancer survivor. My diagnosis came just 5 months after my retirement. I was upset not only because of the unexpected diagnosis, but because I set to have a long-awaited knee replacement surgery. I was distraught then when I left the doctor’s office, all I knew to do was pray about it. Then I decided, what better way to face a challenge than with a day of pampering!

First, I started with a hair style, followed by a manicure and pedicure.

Second, I had long talk with Jesus, I said “Lord I don't know what your plan is but I'm ready for whatever comes my way”.

The third part was the hardest, telling my family. Everyone seemed to take the news okay. But at times, I wasn’t too sure how they really felt, but I knew they would be in the fight with me hands down.

I had several friends that fought their own diagnosis alongside with me. Unfortunately, a couple of them lost their battle.

I am sad that this continues to be a battle for so many, but I am so grateful and blessed to have won the battle. I have such a great support system as I am surviving this disease. My family and friends are awesome, and my medical team was the absolute best. Besides a cure, what more could a girl ask for?

Your support would me so much to me to help with finding a cure. If you would donate and or join my team and walk with us "Toni's Tigers on April 25th I would be so grateful.


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